Our collecting software PerintäPirkka


  • Development opportunities

  • Payments with reference numbers

  • On-line connections with customers

  • Other described interfaces

  • Storing of assignments



  • Modern programming tools

  • Development of software for customer needs

  • Device independent

  • Extendable

  • Modifiable

  • User-friendly

  • Range of automatic functions

  • No separate license fees

  • Back-up copying


  • Fast serch
  • Minimized screen surfing
  • PDF utilization
  • Reports electronically or on paper



  • Manual storing of assignment
  • Single or mass printing of demands for payment
  • New demand for payment after patial settlement
  • Electronic PDF copies of all printouts
  • Range of application forms (summons, executions, etc.)
  • Supervision lists of assignments
  • Logic collecting chains
  • Automated customer invoicing
  • Accounting of funds manually or electronically
  • Supervision lists on management of finances
  • Value-added tax operations