Normal collecting

Voluntary collecting

An assignment to collect the receivable can be given to a collection agency after sending one notice of the due payment. As soon as we receive your assignment, a demand for payment will be sent to the debtor. If voluntary collecting gives no result, the receivable will be transferred to legal collecting. Always before commencing legal collecting, we will verify the credit references of the debtor and negotiate with the customer on the procedures to be taken in each case separately.

Legal collecting

  1. Application for summons in district court.
  2. If the the receivable is not paid before the sentence, the district court will give a judgment by default that will result in a note in credit references.
  3. The judgment by default will be transferred to execution.
  4. a) The receivable is collected though execution
    b) The receivable is not collectable through execution and the debtor is found insolvent. We will issue a credit loss recommendation and the receivable is trasferred to supplementary registration.

All fees invoiced from the customer are included in the sentence and will be returned when the receivable is collected through execution.